Originally from Ventura, California, Brandy Byhoffer moved to Vancouver in 2011 to attend Vancouver Film School. A passion for art sparked at a young age and has led to a career pursuit in the art department for film. While she has been drawing for a long time, the idea to draw on shoes didn't come until 2010 when a friend mentioned she's like Brandy's art on a pair of shoes someday. 

Brandy then got more ideas after seeing this unique form of art done by a tattoo artist. The first pair of shoes came out of curiosity for the medium; a Seattle skyline done in acrylic paint and Prismacolor markers. Shoes after that came from doing them on commission. People can request a general design or idea with references and Brandy will carry the design/idea out on to a shoe of their choice. The cost for a pair of shoes averages around $50. Brandy plans to stay in Vancouver and carry out a career in film, but will continue to do art and especially shoe art on the side. "