Benjamin Howarth Lee is a multidisciplinary artist residing in a fjord on the North Shore of Vancouver, B.C. known as The Serpent’s Land or Indian Arm. While completing his Studio Art Diploma at the Capilano College, he was fortunate enough to stumble upon the lost wax method of bronze casting. 

He immediately fell in love with the fire and brimstone of the foundry. Here he developed an affinity for the age-old discipline of metallurgy. An epiphany was not far behind, as Benjamin sought to marry old-world techniques with contemporary concepts and imagery. He went on to receive his B.F.A. from Concordia University, returning to Capilano University for a post-graduate degree.

In a quest for all things bronze he sought out foundries in the eastern-townships of Quebec, and participated in several artist-in-residence programs at the Atelier du Bronze located in Inverness, Quebec. Benjamin is on a constant hunting and gathering quest to capture the fleeting beauty inherent in nature.

He explores the notions of ephemera present in our everyday lives. Benjamin’s exploration struggles with the act of attempting to turn the transitory organic moment in the life of an object captured in a metallic representation.

At the core of this ideology, metal casting organic matter represents a desire for permanence in an impermanent world.

In addition to his interest sculpting, Benjamin is constantly exploring his artistic boundaries in painting, printmaking, and drawing. These other forms of expression allow Benjamin to explore his interest in his own modern form of alchemy, an artistic re-engagement with the elements through organic and digital life.

The practice of perfecting the skills need to execute a concept into reality is at the heart of all art. As an artist I have become intimately familiar and passionatelyThe practice of perfecting the skills need to execute a concept intoreality is at the heart of all art. As an artist I have become intimately familiar and passionately involved in the process of the lost waxmethod of bronze. I have a strong understanding of the complete processes of clay, plaster, silicone, casting and molding techniques..

My aim is always to create a synthesis between the practical and theoretical sides to my practice, merging ancient techniques and contemporary analysis. The creative force involved in the conception and execution of an artistic discipline is what I seek to nurture in others and ourselves.


TedX, Group Show, Capilano University, 2011.

Plus One, Capilano University Studio Arts Gallery, Faculty and Staff Group Show, 2011.

Recollect, Montreal Quebec, Group Show, 2008

Studio 5262, Montreal, Quebec, Group Show, 2007

Anza Arts Club: Vancouver, B.C. Group show: 2006