MiYoung Margolis

MiYoung Margolis is the Designer of ‘Aphrodite’, Nominated for Up and Coming Designer by Seattle Style Night 2016. In the Aphrodite Collection, expressions of female emotion are depicted through symbols of love, beauty, and fertility, bringing the mythological fairy tale to life as wearable art.


In addition to fashion design, the multitalented MiYoung is also an internationally published model (since 2002), mixed media artist and has just recently opened her own art gallery, ‘Prince and Fox’ in Seattle where she hopes to support the local art community.

MiYoung was a semi-finalist in the Bombay Artisan 2016 national competition with the piece ‘The Beautiful Jane, Dancer’ from the Jane Collection.  She has been trained by a sculptor and inspired by the works of Chagall, her paintings utilize a complex palate of texture and color to convey female emotions to the viewer.  Her work is inspired by her life experiences with different series telling her story and providing an unfiltered view into her psyche.

Especially, "Jane Collection", is a projection of herself on canvas.  A female form is shown as she reaches the breaking point, an emotional and physical exhaustion.  Some relate to this work through the loss of a relationship, others the challenges of a busy non-stop life.  While every viewer will experience this painting as a reflection of their own personal journey, the emotions depicted are shared amongst all and acknowledging them has the power to bring us all closer together.  It is for this reason she created "Jane Collection".

Inspired by the concept of Jane Eyre and the experience of women in the Victorian era. “Jane Collection” is a modern expression of the emotions that I and all women experience. It aims to share to the viewer what it means to grow up as a woman. The `Jane Collection` explores a wide array of mediums and complex textures as MiYoung representing the diverse palette of female emotion.

Carol English

Carol English was born in Huntingdonshire England. Attended Batley School of Art and Design and Huddersfield Poly technique for Graphic Design in West Yorkshire. 

Choosing an alternative career and raising a family of two boys. She emigrated to Canada BC in 2012.



Carol finally felt inspired and passionate to pick up what she loved to do.

Mixed medium art using, Acrylic, inks, Oil, molding pastes, resin to create contemporary art work with a flow of energy using colour on Canvas and Perspex.

Each project is layered with texture and colours until images are built up.

Paintings are a subject of feelings and interpretation the more you look at them the more you see, that's the love for Carol.

Carol's first Exhibition was for Whistler Art Walk Week 2016. Selling her first pieces of Contemporary Art work.

2017 Teeny Tiny art work show Whistler Millennium Art Centre . Selling small 3 x 3  stainless steel contemporary firework art designs.

For the future Expressing large Contemporary Perspex and Canvas Art work with the use of Mixed Medium and Resin.


Stephany Potvin


Stephany Potvin (°1988, Calgary, Canada)
“Just me” not what “society” pressures; Raw art that focuses on self-expression
through variety of mediums primarily acrylics.

Stephany wants the viewer to experience
the sights to feel or uncut emotions to see; becoming part of her art as a kind of added
Being a self-taught, self-representing artist Stephany strives for success in ability;
constantly learning, mastering new techniques and experimenting with the blending
palette. Preparing her for the next phase to start after nominated for Art Trends
Magazine Artist of the Year 2015 finishing top 10.

The artist’s work is published on multiple online and paper back forums. Stephany’s paintings have been exhibited in Lab Arts 2015, Art in the Park(Allen), and Art walk Edmonton.

Stephany excited for this journey that is just beginning, her creations can be
found in local business, offices and private galleries around Alberta.

Twitter: @stephanitlydc 




Marc Aaron Senoner

Marc Aaron Senoner is an Italian part-time artist and photographer who moved to Vancouver about two years ago.

He comes from a family of artists, his father was a well-known woodcarver and painter and his mother still does restorations of paintings and religious art.



Aaron is currently studying marketing at Langara College and works part-time at the Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver. He loves experimenting with double exposure and mixed media art.

He is a professional Sommelier who loves his wines and is slowly but surely falling in love with the Okanagan wine region where he often travels to, to discover new wines. He is a real sports fanatic and he spends his spare time playing soccer, watching hockey, rock climbing and snowboarding.


Louise Gloslee

Louise Gloslee is an abstract expressionist painter who uses watercolors, oil and acrylics. 

"I believe that life can imitate art and I try to show this in my extremely large canvases using colour mood and emotion.  I have a zest for life and a controversial way of looking at my environment around me. I feel that my unbridled way of looking at life is transmitted into my work."





I have shown my work in Vancouver Island University Powell River BC campus my work resides as part of the permanent collection in Vancouver Island University Powell River campus. 

My paintings are also in collections in private homes and over the world

Powell River British Columbia is my home On the sunshine coast.  I have been painting here for 20 years and will continue to have a wonderful playful eclectic outlook on life by the sea.


Facebook: Louise Gloslee Yellow Rock Studio and Gallery


Jenessah Dumansky



Jenessah is a local, self-taught, Vancouver artist.  She is 19 years old and is currently going to Kwanten Polytechnic University to get her Bachelors in Fine Arts.                       Jenessah started out by drawing when she was 15 and kept up the hobby ever since then. 



She then introduced watercolour into her pieces and fell in love immediately.  Jenessah has found a passion for creating unique, edgy, and psychedelic watercolour pieces. 

She loves letting her creativity flow, and embracing the one-of-a-kind aspect that her art offers. 






Jenessah has branched out her art into an independent business in which you can find blog posts, artwork, and contact info for commission inquiries/collaborations on Facebook at


She also has an Instagram page which showcases the progress of her artwork over the years, which you can find at



Hasna Sal


Sculptor Hasna Sal studied fine art in England and Wales for four years, dabbling in a myriad of media including pastels, water colors, oils, acrylics, etc. She conducted an exhibition of watercolor renderings at the Royal Cornwall museum in 1997.

She then relocated to Boston, MA and completed a five year professional degree program in architecture and urban design, afterwhich she moved to Kansas in 2002. Hasna then worked as an architect and taught design studio at the University of

Kansas; here she confronted the final frontier of her career—the craft of glass sculptures.




Hasna is also a dancer, and incorporates the movement and feeling of movement in her sculptures, utilizing storytelling techniques and fusing different concepts and techniques. She has been learning and sculpting glass since 2004. She was later accepted into Harvard for a postgraduate degree in landscape architecture.







"My education at Harvard gave me a greaterunderstanding for the natural world and I translate my observations into my sculptural forms. Iam also a dancer, and I incorporate the movement and feeling of movement in my sculptures,utilizing storytelling techniques and fusing different concepts and techniques.

My sculptures are a cornucopia of planes, textures, tonalities, resonances, moods, emotions, morality, chaos and more. And finally, my sculptures are the voice of color.

Color is fundamental to the human spirit. It alleviates, invigorates, humanizes us…and I let it serenade".




Dana Ahmed Al-Safar


A Qatari artist. Bachelor graduate from Qatar University in Business management/ Marketing 2012. Started in art through printing inscription, which she mixed between writing short story and printing.



She have joint many fine art workshops like: The modern Impressionistic portrait. Portrait drawing at VCU. Modulation techniques different ores.

In addition, she presented different art workshops for children for (Dreema 2013 and summer & Art 2014, spring festival 2015, best buddies 2016).

For the adult she presented a workshop called “the small painting” at The Youth Creative Art Center.


Furthermore, she participated in many local art exhibitions (Qatari Art Exhibition, from Qatar Exhibition, Realist art gallery, Qatar foundation art atelier 2016).

Also she participated in some exhibitions abroad (the Qatari fine art in Oman 2014).

Instagram: @danapearls

Sheku Nafisi



My first painting was a carousel when I was two years old. I decided to draw it myself as I was not happy with the one my mom drew for me! Mine was a simple circle with eight spoon-shaped sticks around it as my mom always says.

My colored pencils and sketchbook were my best friends and have never left them alone.

Today, they are still my close friends and I have also found a new one, Adobe Creative Suite.

To make a long story short, the only thing that has been changed from those years is my artworks and paintings, they have become more detailed and professional and now I am a talented and creative graphic designer and painter.

Instagram: @land_of_lines

Paolo Rubini

Originally from Italy, Paolo begins to develop his passion for photography while traveling through different countries in his early twenties. Since the beginning fascinated by the opportunity to capture elements of different cultures or moments of unusual beauty hidden in everyday life, he later moves to a more personal and intimate reading of reality. With that approach he starts exploring the possibility of composing images with a deeper conceptual impact, reflecting his own emotional landscapes and his visual art influences more clearly.  

Before moving to Vancouver, Canada, where he currently lives, Paolo attended several photography classes in Mexico City and New York City. He now continues to develop his style, shooting freelance in North America and focusing mostly on conceptual photography, urban photography, environmental portraiture, and still life.


His current work explores the relationships human beings form with their environments, and the usage of panning techniques and long exposure to capture time, motion and urban feelings.


“Paolo Rubini’s natural composition and use of dramatic black and white enhance his way of seeing things.  There is so much going on in many of his images it takes a connoisseur to drink it all in.”    - Allan de la Plante -


Website:   and



Lab Art Show is celebrating Canada's 150 years. We are honoured to feature artist Natacha Troitter artwork

Originally from Quebec, I grew up in a small town on a street with no kids to be seen around, so I always kept myself busy painting something or someone. After high school, I continued my studies in Arts. A few years later, I enrolled in makeup school at Blanche MacDonald Centre and everything finally made sense. I have since been working in all areas of the trade, but particularly enjoy the creative process of the body painting. 

Makeup is truly a passion for me, I take pride in my work and services and make sure that I am there for my clients from the beginning until the end of the bookings... and even after, if they have any questions about products or techniques. It happens very often that my bridal clients, come back for boudoir, head shots, body painting and later face painting for their children. No matter what you book me for, I am dedicated to make your makeup experience amazing and memorable. My clients list goes from the little munchkins birthday parties to Lululemon athletica. No contract is too small or too big for me, I have a team of makeup and hair artists that will work for me for any occasion. 

I started in the makeup industry in 2004 working mostly on theatrical productions and fashion photo shoots. I moved to Canmore, Alberta where I focused mostly on bridal makeup and from there decided to go back to school and move to Vancouver to start the Global program at the Blanche MacDonald Centre.                                                                                       
 In November 2011, I graduated at the top of my class and  I have since been very active in the industry, working along with photographers, brides, and videographers. I also started teaching Make-Up Artistry in 2012, which I absolutely love. In 2014 I was hired to teach at the Blanche Macdonald Centre, the most prestigious make-up artistry school in Canada. As a graduate of this institution, this experience was like coming home for me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Finally, I have been working for Lancome as a promotional consultant since 2011 and Make Up For Ever on and off since 2009.  I usually work on special make-up events organized in various stores, where I enjoy educating woman of all ages about how to enhance their beauty. Sometimes all we need to change the course of our day, or our life, is to feel empowered by our own beauty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
In 2014 I moved to Squamish, which I love for the community and access to the great outdoors and still travel to Vancouver.
 Below are awards I have received: 
-1st place at the North American circus, body painting competition (2015)
-1st at the Art World Expo body painting competition 2 years in a row (2013-2014)
-Best makeup and hair at the Golden Egg Award in LA for the short film 'My Daphne' by Sandi Gisbert(2014)
-3rd place at the Toronto International make-up artist trade show (IMATS), beauty-fantasy competition (2011)



Rudeen Gibson

Rudeen Gibson is an abstract oil painter from Toronto, Ontario. He lives in the Parkdale neighborhood and paints out of a private studio.

Gibson was first introduced to oil painting in high school and this remains his passion. He furthered his education with the Sign Graphics and Cartooning program from George Brown College and the Fine Arts program from the Toronto School of Art. Currently Gibson has been showing his artwork at Toronto galleries and art fairs.


Rudeen uses the alchemical process of oil painting to arrive at his creative ‘pure abstraction’ method. Gibson explores techniques through incorporating vivid colour interactions, impasto painting, fluid drippings and deliberate markings. He aims to convey emotional and spiritual expression through a gestural style.


Instagram : rudeengibson

David Kilpatrick

I am a self taught artist trusting in my own perceptions and using a method of drawing which is different than what I was taught in school. 
I have been painting for thirty years. I first painted in oils and then switched to acrylics because they allow me to paint in a way that is similar to the detailed drawing style I use.  I have adapted my painting style to one familiar with water colour artists creating the painting by adding layers of a slightly different tonal value or colour. I first identify and apply the mid range colour of the particular area I am painting.
Once the paint has dried I work back into the colour with darker and lighter layers of paint creating different values of the same colour, or I add a complimentary colour to the transition between defining areas of the subject to create a subtle change in temperature a mood. 

My subject matter is varied. I like to paint wildlife, people, and more recently themes with metaphysical aspect to them.
My goal is to create an understanding of Oneness through an appreciation for nature and humanity with a greater understanding of, and an expansion in, consciousness for the viewer.

Lab Art Show is celebrating Canada's 150 years. We are honoured to feature artist Chili Thom's artwork


Your experience in nature depends on how you choose to position yourself within it.   My art transports the viewer to remote natural landscapes and acts not only as a form of escapism but also as a tool top deepen their appreciation for the natural world in which we are all inextricably connected.

My process is about discovering and creating layers of patterns that combine together to create a colorful vibrating 3D landscape, similar to the contour lines on a map.  This technique allows the eye to blend all of the components in a progression of colour and form that make sense only when viewed as a whole.  I attempt to convey a feeling of complex simplicity on my canvases, which speak of the importance of cooperation between all the individual components, analogous to how all individuals on the planet must work together with nature to in order to achieve a harmonious result.


Being born and raised in British Columbia has offered me an interesting and inspiring life hiking and exploring the vast and beautiful wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. As a small child, I developed a keen interest in the outdoors as well as in the arts. At the age of nineteen I studied very briefly at the University of British Columbia in Fine Arts but, not finding the guidance I was looking for, I decided to return to the wilderness on a journey of self-discovery and also began exploring acrylic paints. The primary inspiration for my work has always been the natural world and the amazing landscapes of B.C. Traveling this incredible province during my 6 years as a wilderness guide as well as a lifetime of personal trips have left lasting visions in my mind which long to find their way onto a canas. From the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island and the high summits in the B.C. Coastal Range to the surf beaches of Central America the outdoors continuously inspire me.

Working primarily in acrylics I translate my visions and experiences onto the canvas in a unique style which captures the complexity of the scene in a simple and vibrational way.  Believing artistic diversity is integral to creative growth I am also very involved in filmmaking - the camera is a great tool for training the eye for composition, and music - as a professional DJ I enjoy mixing different pieces of music together to 'discover' the perfect blend, it's much like mixing colours and paints to achieve the perfect hue.  I have been branching out as of late to more sculptural and installation pieces which invite a wider audience to experience and participate in my artistic vision.

Voted “Whistler’s Favourite Artist” every year since 2002 is a real honor.  It has built confidence in my subject matter and technique proving that it is relevant and sought after by outdoor enthusiasts.  Being based out of The Sea to Sky Corridor for the past 19 years has been very advantageous. The mountains and surroundings are a constant source of inspiration and the town is a such and international draw. The world comes to us and because of this, I have been able to show and sell my artwork to collectors from all over the globe.

"I have been both artistic and scientific my whole life and as of late I have found the meld between the two of them. The more I learn and understand about both the natural world and the inner world of the brain, the more complex and exacting my art becomes. I am loving this personal journey of creating. As life goes on I am getting better and better at creating the exciting life I am so grateful to be living" BY Chili Thom


Cinthia Torres

Cinthia is a Venezuelan born makeup artist who spent much of her childhood submerged in painting, never giving up dreams she moved to Canada to pursue makeup artistry full time, currently she specializes on Traditional, Era and Themed weddings.  During shoulder season she works non-stop with different local and foreign artists on creative and Avant Garde projects, self creative makeup it's also the perfect way to spend an afternoon, she believe there are no limitations, art can be expressed in any form, the human body is one of the most amazing canvas and imagination is all you need to make magic happen".

Maria Gaudin

Maria Gaudin graduated with a BFA from Mount Allison University, Sackville N.B., and with an MA in Theological Studies, in the Christianity and the Arts concentration at Regent College, Vancouver B.C. Maria’s multi-disciplinary work focuses on themes of death and decay in nature and in human life, using mixed media and wood to engage with her own experiences related to these themes. She primarily works in a partial abstract style in order to give the viewer something familiar to grasp onto while also leaving space for contemplation for the mystery within an abstract work of art.



Iris Fai



Iris Fai is an incredibly talented and versatile make up artist. Specializing in body painting, beauty, special effects, film and editorial. She's collaborated with a variety of photographers circus performers, models and other creative professionals in British Columbia. Watch live as she turns the human body into a canvas with the use of air brushes, stencils and glitter. Well known for her work in the festival scene, Iris Makeup has transformed bodies in dancing works of art at festivals such as Bass Coast, Astral Harvest and Shambhala.




E S Piteau

After a decade and a half of working immersed in the tech industry, I now choose to express myself with the more organic method of creating art divorced of the digital realm. It is a quest to recapture the spirit of manual graphic art making in a brave new world imbued with automation and human-replacing technologies. My gestures across canvas and other mediums explore the human condition of being in our time, using a combination of color field, abstraction, and action painting. The process occurs with or without an end goal in mind; often inspired from listening to Jazz and other music. Painting this way can feel like a dance, where visually dissonant rhythmic correlations emerge to defy formal methodology.

I believe having continuous visual access to original art in our surroundings can have a profound effect on our emotional state -- inspire creativity, enhance our mood, raise feelings of empowerment and even uplift our humanity. But we are all different and the powers of subjectivity determine our paradigm. How do we know when this occurs? It is something we can feel and transcend, when our mind is more calm, at rest, naturally gazing at works of art. Take a few steps forward, a few steps back, and a certain aesthetic value begins to emerge. Give it a try...



Eunna Choi


An artist who expresses the relaxation made of shapes and lines using blue color.

Artist Statement

I mainly draw digital illustrations. After sketching with a pencil, I grab figuration with a shape, and use a variety of blue tones to create a relaxed feel by using a computer. When I use computer, I express texture such as ink, watercolor, and coloring. The advantage of this is that can be create modern paintings with a variety of techniques, and giving viewer a comfortable feel.

I get motif from nature. By drawing it, I am fascinated by making people and me peaceful and stable. A unique thing about my paintings is blue to create my own space. I can invite others in blue space and try to provide a space for rest.

The blue color represents depression, hurt, pain, and coolness, but I convey a hopeful message that shows audience that people can change their life while showing a variety of color changes with a blue color.

Contact : +1-604-723-9991

e-mail :

home page :


Lorena Fernandez

Over her artistic career she discovers a world of sensations that are transmitted through the color, shapes and geometry that we surely contemplate amidst the daily chaos, with its smoke, traffic jams and city stress. That is why the exhibition of her work, right from the very beginning, becomes a visual delight, an evidence that beauty may just be around the corner

Born in Barranquilla Colombia on March 1964. Advertising Designer, with a career in Fine Arts, has received recognition in single and group exhibitions and auctions. The most demanding of critics have found in the work of Lorena Fernandez Abuchaibe a very firm stroke of the brush that defines shapes and color. Lorena has been included in the Ibero-American Encyclopedia Plastics artist contemporary QCC Art Gallery ( The City University of New York) 2012, and Exhibited in some of the most important and prestigious art galleries. Museums of the word.

What inspires you to create art?

I have an inner need to interact with people, to involve them in dialogue with their environment from an entirely different perspective; the majestic nature of natural environments - along with their fury - urban areas and their continuous changes, the contrast between the natural and the modified, the contamination through human manipulations that alters our own spaces, the natural environment and the supercharged one that has been altered by us humans who alter the equilibrium of our survival - transcribing and translating these sentiments through the use of color; which will remain as permanent as do the words imprinted in books.


Can you share your creative process with our readers?

 Creating is complex labor; inspiration does not come to creatives through the mere act of sitting down to work. Extracting ideas and images to materialize is as intensive as it is intangible. In my case, it starts with my ordering my thoughts so that I can order my theme; which revolves around the environment and urbanization.


When I travel, I capture the images in my mind, and whenever possible by taking photographs of colourful scenes that truly attract viewers' attention.

It would be nice if it was as simple as ordering images and printing them as copier does; but the road, the color, the forms, and the perspectives are all ever-changing.


Which is your medium of choice? Do you experiment with others?

I have had the opportunity to explore with a variety of mediums and techniques; to evolve, an artist has to be free to experiment, be willing to learn from trial and error and enjoy the process. It is through this process that each work is structured with its own unique persona and characteristics; which distances and differentiates it from the more rigid academic patterns.


My medium of choice if oils; I deem it as challenging; demanding by how it is applied, and because of its permanency. I have employed the "sfumato" technique in my work since the onset; with some slight touches of impasto to add volume and dimension to certain pieces; which is consistent with the expressionist color scheme and vision.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements in a composition?

The physical and the emotional; the physical because it requires specific materials for the creative process; the materials with which the artist works, as well as any imagery used for reference. The emotional, because each piece carries with it a sentiment, a special moment that addresses each theme.

Which of your accomplishments has most profoundly impacted your confidence, your career?

There have been several:

The first,  my Varsovia exhibition at the onset of my career; and having sold all of my work by the second day of the exhibition (which was a major boost to my energy and my ego; especially since I had risked all financially to participate)

The second, being awarded a residency in Shanghai, all expenses paid, to develop a project with an evolving theme. I was the only Latin American participant to be awarded this honor.

The third, which has to do with the second, is having been diagnosed with breast cancer - with tickets purchased to travel, the trip had to be delayed to attend to my biggest priority: saving my life; while still mustering  the courage to, during this difficult process, find the strength to continue to create, and to win more than nine international awards for my work without confiding in anyone other than my close circle of family and friends, because I always kept my work completely separate from my illness. This has been one of my greatest accomplishments. Though I was unable to go to Shanghai, my work did, and  did its job beautifully by reaching art lovers who truly recognized its value.


What has made the biggest difference in your career, and what are your plans?

In this field, the plan does not usually have a single trajectory, because art is in a constant state of creative evolution. Artists have to be realistic, needing to understand that this type of work requires persistence, and finding the right people who are willing and able to help promote it.

It is important work; there is not a single plan, but rather an intention to take the it to the right places so that people who are exposed to it can find in each piece a story much like can be read in a book; read in my creations the colours and forms, the life, the environment, and the very essence of our planet.

What inspired you to create these works? Did they turn out different than what you first envisioned?

The idea is conceived in the imagination, and when the artist sets down ideas using lines, colours, and forms - whether the work is figurative or abstract - there is a process of ordering and improvising as it applies to each piece.

There are several steps - each one taken individually - sometimes the result is completely different from the initial intention; sometimes better than expected, and others resulting in the sense than the initial idea was not truly finalized.

Inspiration is a constant; the difficult thing is for an artist to sit down to work, because once the work begins there is no end to it; the world at large evaporates as the artist enters into a trance and it transported to another dimension. Once a piece is finished, it is necessary recharge in order to recuperate the emotional and physical energy invested.

What do you most appreciate about being an artist?

The capacity to see life in color, forms, and perspective. New universes open as artists live in a world of imaginations and feelings; which is not always an easy task.

 What is your strategy for growing your career?

To work until the very last moment of my life; to increase my visual and perspective angle by 360 percent.

Can you describe your work's thematic scheme?

The novelty of my work lies in my ability to capture the moment, as in a "carpe diem" necessary to preserve that moment that will never return from escaping. The natural or urban landscape - constantly in flux - the century old object that manifests itself in emotions that correspond to its time-period.

My work is part of the minimalist constant movement;and, as my ideas are actually minimalist, my images have more space in which to express themselves; life develops in this perspective.

I infuse color into my work to introduce the spectator to the sensations it evokes. Color defines the human essence; there is major importance in the perception of color and the reactions it motivates. Its symbolic strength allows the artist to describe the feelings, sounds, and tastes that give character to people's personalities.